The Flight of the Para-Social Butterfly with Šari Dale - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

As copywriters, sometimes it can be easy to forget that our creativity plays such a massive part in our careers. Though there are many more parameters we have to consider and follow, our craft is still honed and defined in the same way as any other type of writing. It’s only when we let our creative side out to play that many of us realize this.

Today, we’re welcoming our friend and team member Šari Dale, an amazingly talented poet and copywriter from Prince George, British Columbia. Her poetry has appeared in publications across Canada and was anthologized last year in the best Canadian poetry of 2021. Her book, Para-Social Butterfly, will be out this June via Metatron Press.

Tune in and listen as Šari is telling us all about her foray into science fiction literature, what the book editing process was like for her, and some of her more unusual creative techniques that even she hasn’t quite been able to define.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Šari’s relationship with astrology and how it resonates with her (05:47)

Šari’s thoughts on the intersection of creating poetry and writing copy (09:11)

About Šari’s new book, Para-Social Butterfly (12:45)

The daily writing schedule that Šari sticks to and how it helps her hone her craft (17:37)

Šari’s thoughts on the current social media space (24:59)

Some of Šari’s holy grail poets (33:27)

Šari closes us off with a poem (37:51)

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Para-Social Butterfly by Šari Dale

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Maggie Nelson

Dorthea Laskey

Ben Fama

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