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When you hear the title “coach,” what do you think? Many people probably feel that they have enough knowledge and know-how to self-direct—and that may be totally true! But the most beautiful things about a coaching relationship? That person can show you exactly where your own blindspots are and offer you guidance and accountability to truly maximize your potential.

Today, we’re welcoming our friend and coach Laura Wright, founder of Epic at Sales. Laura has closed over $43m in the last 20 years, but she’s had to fight her way through to get there. After her real estate company crashed in 2008, Laura began her coaching career and continues to serve women in business, focusing on helping her clients scale their businesses in record time.

Tune in and listen to episode twenty where Laura is chatting with us about how she expanded her mission to change the way all women rise from the entrepreneurial depths.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

How Laura uses Kolbe and Human Design as her two top tools for self understanding (07:04)

When you don’t understand yourself and your natural rhythms, you do things that other people have done to create success, and they don’t work (16:00)

A bit about Laura and her team’s process and what she calls her ‘nurture list’ (24:59)

How Laura took a not-so-ideal experience with a very pricy course investment and turned into a win for herself (40:22)

How Laura uses the elements to follow and track her own energy (43:58)

Laura’s philosophy behind coaching and guidance and why it’s so much more successful than trying to discover things on your own (51:45)

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