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When you hear the word “entrepreneur,” what do you think? For many of us, it means the ability to work with freedom; we can show up for our kid’s soccer game, telecommute from anywhere in the world, and still be our own boss. But the greatest freedom of all? When and if we decide we no longer want to work in our chosen field, we have the grace to move on to something new.

Today, we’re welcoming Melissa Burkheimer, the founder of Melissa Burkheimer Studios, a design agency that partners with thought leaders, beauty brands, global nonprofits and production companies to create stellar product brand experiences. When she’s not directing launches or creating social impact campaigns, she’s interviewing creators on her award winning podcast, The Design Business Show, or lounging in her pool, making a plan for her plans.

Tune in and listen to episode 21 where Melissa is talking to us about her early work with Amy Porterfield, the importance of seeing the bigger picture, and her advice for anyone planning to launch a digital business.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • A bit about Melissa and how she came to launch her freelance business (03:27)
  • Melissa’s relationship with personality tests (12:39)
  • How Melissa’s understanding of who she is and what she wants played into her decision to shift her focus (16:11)
  • What lights Melissa up the most when it comes to consulting (32:34)
  • The importance of flexibility when you’re a business owner (39:48)

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