The Value of New Coaches in The Mentorship Ecosystem with Jennifer Pierce - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Have you been interested in starting a coaching business but you aren’t sure where to start? Or you don’t think you have the right expertise? Stop those limiting beliefs and take the leap of faith! When clients are introduced to a coach that is just a couple steps closer to where they want to be, they aren’t intimidated and their goals don’t feel as out of reach.

Today, we’re talking to an incredible entrepreneur, Jennifer Pierce. Jennifer is a coach for coaches, specifically beginner coaches that are building their business from the ground up. She has her master’s in spiritual psychology and calls herself a ‘soul-aligned coach’, helping others create fulfilling & profitable coaching business.  If you have no idea how to start growing your coaching empire, Jennifer’s unique method and insights will help you scale while feeling supported as a new coach in the industry.

Tune in and listen to episode twenty four where Jennifer sits down with us today to talk about how she began working with new coaches, what she has learned about becoming profitable as a coach, why she calls herself a ‘soul-aligned’ coach, and so much more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The first steps Jennifer takes when working with a new coach (10:04)

Jennifer’s approach when working with introverted clients (23:48)

Why there is a common misconception that the coaching industry is saturated (33:11)

How Jennifer works as a soul-aligned coach (45:45)

Jennifer’s insights on building a profitable coaching business (52:10)

About Jennifer’s upcoming 3-day challenge (1:00:11)

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