Ethical Marketing and Purity Culture with Merel Kriegsman - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

As entrepreneurs know, there are many layers to ethical marketing. However, recently the lines have blurred between ethical marketing, purity culture, and distinguishing between what may be performative and what isn’t. 

Todaywe’re talking with Merel Kriegsman. She is the CEO and founder of a company dedicated to helping you create wealth on your terms through entrepreneurship. Merel shows you how to sell out your premium offers and flagship programs, infusing your uniqueness, and embodying your desires. She has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, ABC News, Entrepreneur, and more. 

Tune in and listen to episode 27 of The Entrepreneur’s EcosystemWe talk with Merel about her entrepreneurship journey, from building her business from the ground up to evolving her sense of identity. You will also hear how Merel has incorporated her personality into her branding, what our thoughts are on the nuances of ethical marketing, how Merel helps her clients to create wealth, and more.  

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Merel continues to evolve her sense of identity in work (6:31)
  • Merel’s incorporation of her personality in her branding (23:00)
  • Our thoughts on the ethical marketing movement (31:22)
  • The importance of acknowledging our humanness in entrepreneurship (49:02)
  • About Merel’s entrepreneurship journey and how she helps clients create wealth (57:47)

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