Challenging The Thought Terminating Cliches in the World of Online Business - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Have you heard the phrases “let’s just agree to disagree” or “everything happens for a reason”? These are examples of thought-terminating cliches – statements that are said to end conversations abruptly and uncomfortably.

Today, we’re talking about the thought-terminating cliches that often appear in the world of online business. As entrepreneurs, we either hear these phrases from others which makes our business decisions feel inaccurately simplified and dismissed or we use these cliches ourselves as a way to mask our insecurities and limiting beliefs around building our business.

Tune in and listen to episode 26 of The Entrepreneur’s EcosystemWe talk about the thought-terminating cliches that have impacted our journey of working together, lessons and realizations about building a team, the importance of systematizing as an entrepreneur, the personal growth that comes with challenging thought-terminating cliches, and so much more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • What a thought terminating cliche is and examples of how it is used in online business  (1:57)
  • How we have navigated working together and expanding our team (7:50)
  • The importance of systematizing as an entrepreneur (41:45)
  • How challenging thought terminating cliches teaches us new skills for all areas of life (57:09)
  • Our reflection on the past 25 episodes of this podcast (1:02:37)

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