Understanding Hunter and Gatherer Entrepreneurship, Soul-Guidance & Shamanic Astrology with Jaime Fleres - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Looking at entrepreneurship through the lens of human history, it becomes clear that we aren’t as different from our ancestors as we may think.

Today, we’re talking to the wonderful Jaime Fleres, an intuitive Soul Guide, Shamanic Astrologer, and Sound Healer. Jaime is devoted to helping people anchor into the truth of their being, find clarity of purpose, and courageously express themselves in the world. While she works through many modalities, her service is centered around connecting people back into their wholeness, clearing patterns that no longer serve them, and helping them lead a soul-aligned business.

Tune in and listen to episode twenty five of The Entrepreneur’s EcosystemJaime talks with us about the comparisons between entrepreneurship and our hunter and gatherer ancestors, the power of soul-guidance for entrepreneurs, and shares her wisdom about Shamanic astrology.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Jaime’s explanation of the South Node and North Node (06:45)
  • The astrology behind the seasons of the planets (12:46)
  • About the Hunter and Gatherer entrepreneurship model (22:17)
  • Why society has a distrust in abundance (34:11)
  • What soul-guidance is and its benefit for entrepreneurship (49:40)

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