Combining Soul & Strategy in Entrepreneurship with Jenna Faye Madden - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

As entrepreneurs, we can lose sight of the root of our mission as our responsibilities rise and stress surrounding the business grows. Creating new processes, establishing a vision, and understanding the power of manifestation, will help us to lead with our soul.

Today, we’re joined by the incredible Jenna Faye Madden. As the CEO of Soul Meets Strategy, Jenna helps conscious entrepreneurs to stay connected to their vision, earn more money, and grow as a leader. Through immersive, transformational events and online programs, Soul Meets Strategy helps service-based entrepreneurs to streamline their business and ensure that the tasks they are focused on will help them fulfill their mission.

Tune in and listen to episode 34 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. Jenna shares so much wisdom around empowering yourself as an entrepreneur and service-based leader. You will hear what she describes as the disempowering loop entrepreneurs can get stuck in, what the common blocks are that she sees within clients, why it’s important to stay connected to your vision, and so much more.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Jenna’s explanation of the disempowering loop for entrepreneurs (12:12)
  • A common block Jenna sees in entrepreneurs (16:04)
  • Why hypervigilance is the opposite of curiosity (25:30)
  • The importance of feeling connected to a vision as a business leader  (36:22)
  • Jenna’s advice of how to contribute to the results you want to see (56:08)

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