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In today’s day and age, connecting to your audience is more important than ever before––especially if your career depends on those connections. People have grown tired of dealing with the constant stream of ads on blogs, so that’s why you might want to look into creating a newsletter about a topic you’re passionate about, and curating your audience that way.

Today, we’re welcoming Dylan Redekop, creator of the Growth Currency Newsletter, a newsletter where he shares how he has monetized his newsletter and you can, too.

Tune in and listen to episode forty-three where Dylan is talking to us about how a newsletter differs from email marketing, the basics of starting a newsletter, and how to find your niche.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

What makes a newsletter different from email marketing (7:21)

Dylan shares some impressive stats about popular newsletters (14:26)

Dylan discusses the basics of starting a newsletter (30:54)

The different types of platforms for newsletters (38:23)

How to find your newsletter niche (41:27)

Using newsletters as blog posts (47:28)

Monetizing a newsletter (51:20)

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