Unstoppable: Bust Through Plateau Into Your Greatness with Linda Perry - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Do you ever feel like you’re making progress and then suddenly you plateau? Or perhaps you have expectations for how your success is going to go and when it doesn’t end up how you thought it would, you get stuck? Our guest today has made a name for herself by helping others get through their plateaus and onto greater things.

Today, we’re welcoming Linda Perry, a success strategist who combines mindset tools with strategic implementation to help small business owners crack the code to greater success. After working with hundreds of business owners, Linda believes that the key to uncovering freedom, making more money, and buying back your time begins with a Mindset First approach and she shows clients how to ditch their head trash to get ahead.

Tune in and listen to episode forty-four of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. Linda is talking all about plateaus, why awareness isn’t the end-all, and how powerful the idea of maybe is.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

The parallel between traveling and running a business (10:27)

How being a recovered lawyer and copywriter has led Linda to her business (17:27)

The beauty in plateaus (20:27)

How a family member’s plateau can affect you (34:49)

Why awareness isn’t enough (39:47)

The power of ‘maybe’ (49:57)

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