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What a year it’s been. 2017 picked up a stick and stuck it through my bicycle spokes only to send me careening over a fence into uncharted territory. I flopped into a land rich with new experiences, challenges, and ultimately a foam pit full of blessings. Here I am now, reflecting on the past year, feeling for the first time like a grown ass person.
On New Year’s Eve the love of my life and best friend asked me to be his forever. This is just the white truffle on top of the gustatory schmorgesborg of experiences 2017 brought forth. Here’s a recap of the top 7 things I learned in 2017.

1. Many eggs + many baskets = mega peace of mind

During the first half of last year I dedicated much of my daily energy to helping someone else grow their business, only to be let go at a moments notice with no eggs in any other baskets. BURN. But what felt like the end of the world turned out to be the greatest blessing. I asked for help, and what showed up was the most supportive community of fellow writers reminding me that I have everything I need to start my own business and rock it.

2. Ask for help

Nobody tells you that starting and growing a business is as difficult as the early days of motherhood. It’s exhausting, every waking moment of every day you’re working to keep this baby alive while giving it what it needs to grow. There were months where every free moment was spent working on keeping my baby alive. I’m happy to report that we have entered the toddler phase: cue back talk.

3. Health is wealth

2017 also brought on a tsunami of health challenges–not for me but for someone very close to me. Watching the people you love in pain is so difficult. My go-to reaction is anger. Anger at the fact that so many people are sick and needlessly suffering. Dealing with that anger and trying to replace it with compassion is an ongoing practice.
The most important asset any of us have is health, without question. Seeing someone so dear to my heart transform from being nearly debilitated to brimming with vitality has been the greatest gift. It’s inspired me to take care of my own health on a whole other level and to cherish each day.

4. There’s always time to go to the beach when the sun is shining

Summer was the pinnacle of stress and uncertainty for the year. I was a ball of anxiety most of the time but still, I recognized that the days of sand castles and bike rides to the beach are numbered. Almost every day I packed my little guy into the bike carriage, threw a picnic together, and we would go play in the sunshine and swim in the cold ocean. It was bliss.

5. Money isn’t actually evil, but it is absurdly nonsensical

I have to admit that I’ve held on to negative beliefs about money for far too long and this was the year I finally lt them go. That said, money still makes relatively little sense. Cryptocurrencies are the perfect example. It boggles my mind that I can make 5k from a $500 initial investment, but hey, I’ll take it.
If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s pretty darn funny.

6. The true meaning of busy and the importance of prioritizing time and energy

This year I learned what it means to actually be busy. Juggling family, health, client work and deadlines, working on my own business, passion projects, emails, all. the. things. Oof, I’ve never known this level of busy. I now understand all the “beware of burn out” warnings and try to heed the advice.

7. Discipline equals freedom

I’ve always abhorred the idea of discipline. Free spirits can’t be tamed, yo. Rebellious souls don’t need disciple, they need FREEDOM. I’ve never enjoyed rules. I’ve never found peace in structure and order. I’m the least likely person on the planet to follow a regimented process. But I discovered something that surprised even me, discipline is freakin’ liberating!
Waking up at 5 am to do yoga and get a head start on the day has changed my life. Reading before bed instead of binge watching Scandal on Netflix (I quit that shit cold turkey, mhmm). Not succumbing to every little bright shiny distraction in my inbox. Working and creating even when I don’t want to. It all takes discipline. And none of it is perfect, every practice is messy and beautifully imperfect, but discipline is a muscle, the more you work it, the stronger it gets, and the better those moments of total rest feel.

Goal number 1 for 2018

Become a time management and productivity ninja! I’m taking Brendon Burchard’s “Secrets of the top 2%” course, which sounds so elitist but it’s actually really good. No more checking email and crackbook first thing in the AM after yoga. Aaaand as much as it pains my monkey mind, I’m recommitting to a consistent meditation practice.
CONFESSION–I started this post with the working title, 27 things I’ve learned in 2017 and though I certainly could reminisce for hours and get to 27, it’s already January 7th, 15th and this still isn’t done.
Here are some lessons that didn’t make the cut:
– Threenagers are crazy, just accept it and move on
– Sugar: the root cause of all suffering
– Being a people pleaser is highly underrated
Maybe next year, guys. Cheers to an incredible 2018.

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