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Hello there, you sweet human!

^Or if you’re like my almost 6-year-old son who *hates* being called sweet… hello, you tough and feisty ninja!

Hope you’re having a swell Sunday so far (or Monday or Tuesday or whenever you’re reading this).

A quiz gave me a revelation this week… go figure 🤷

I discovered that I’m a HSP (highly sensitive person), which I’m a little embarrassed to say I didn’t fully understand before.

I always thought HSP’s were like extra emotional, sensitive souls who cry at spilled milk and can’t take criticism.

What I discovered this week is that heightened sensitivity has to do with an extra-sensitive nervous system, NOT your propensity to weep in a heap on the bathroom floor. 1 in 5 people are highly sensitive, and (if you ask me), it’s a gift.

Apparently, the highly sensitive among us are less immune to living a life devoid of joy and purpose. Sound like you? Go take Dr. Elaine Aron’s quiz and find out fo’ sho.

And if you are 1 in 5, be like me and pronounce it loudly to your family so they can all stare at you blankly and say “duhhhhh…


You’ve heard of “BIG IDEAS” right? They’re like, the crux of every marketing campaign, every course, every funnel, every sales sequence, every billboard, you get the drift.

But how the H do you find big ideas in the wild?

Here’s the problem with brainstorming.

It’s freakin’ messy. Tornados don’t just roll up into town and bring the vacuum with them.

Nope, before you can create something cohesive and impactful, you almost always have to get your hands dirty (or your keyboard #samesame)

I spent a whopping 4 HOURS this week coming up with one really good quiz idea for a client. 4 hours. Do you know how much I can write in 4 hours? A lot. But writing’s the easy part.

Make space for your big ideas to reveal themselves and give yourself permission to make a beautiful mess.


Just finished 9 Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty. Any book that depicts strangers being unknowingly dosed with psychedelics is a winner in my books.

Ash Ambirge’s book The Middle Finger Project also just landed on my doorstep, and I feel like a bestie just got a book published, and it’s en route to be a classic ‘must read’ for all business owners.

(^I feel this despite never having met or spoken to Ash. That’s the power of personality-driven copy and great emails, right?)


2 of my amazing Grow with Quizzes students who both launched their quizzes last week.

I don’t want one to steal the other’s thunder, so I’ll share the first today and the 2nd next week. They’re both 100% worth taking and super insightful.

Check out Miish’s quiz ⇒ What’s Your Personality Power Move for Attracting Perfect Fit Clients and Building Real Connection

Is it any surprise that I got “Sensitive and Soulful AF” (Seriously, how did I not figure out this HSP thing sooner?!) 


Holy shiz. My friend Sage was talking about Influencers In the Wild, and I can’t believe I just discovered this. Check it out here and laugh and cry and wonder how humans made it this far.

Wanna leave behind a beautiful legacy? This comic will show you how.

For my book nerds, you must read ‘If Literature’s “Complicated Men” Were On Tinder’. Here’s a taste:

Name: Odysseus
Age: 38
Occupation: King of Ithaca who is 100% NOT having a midlife crisis
About Odysseus: I’m all about that wanderlust life: it’s about the journey, not the destination, you know? Especially when the destination is full of “responsibilities” like “governance,” “parenthood,” and “marriage to a woman who is clearly smarter than me as she evades being sold like sexual chattel for ten years while I doof around banging random witches and blinding one-eyed giants.” Join me on the journey, baby.

And one more for good measure…

This Jason Momoa coloring book is the true meaning of happiness.

May your week ahead be filled with puppy kisses, emails that make you smile, and plenty of leftover V-day chocolate.

Hugs and ladybugs,
Chanti xx

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