At the risk of sounding like a tin foil hatter… - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

**Don’t worry, this post has nothing to do with politics and EVERYTHING to do with purpose.**  

Hey hey!

For my husband’s birthday this year he got a crossbow and a hardcore fishing kayak. (Uh ya, he knows he’s spoiled!) 

With everything that’s going on right now we both felt like it was time to be a smidge more self-sufficient. 

We’re not the only ones… 

Seeds are sold out on our island. 

Bean sales have spiked by 400%. 

“Prepping” searches are literally off the charts. 

I know, I know, “what does any of this have to do with my business, Chanti?” 

Hold your horses. (Seriously, modes of transportation sans gas might be a hot commodity in our lifetime 😉) 

I’m all about helping you focus on what you CAN control. 

The truth is — none of us can see the future. Prepping is still a business, one fueled by instability, and so of course it’s booming. Not trying to read too far into anything here. 

But with a crisis comes clarity. 

Personally, everything that’s happening right now has given me a billion dollar bunker sized mindset shift. 

I’ve never been more clear on my purpose. 

The majority of what I do and teach is audience building and lead generation and in times like these, aside from making sales and changing lives — I can’t think of anything more important. 

I’m more obsessed than I’ve ever been about helping my students, clients, and myself build a community of humans who love them like the world loves Lizzo. 

In a month, I’m opening the doors to my Grow with Quizzes program — a program that will show you how to build your list fast with qualified leads and how to convert your subscribers into clients and customers. 

It’s gonna be better than ever before and I cannot freakin’ wait. (Get on the waitlist and you’ll be the first to hear about it!

If you wanna learn more about how quizzes can transform your business and lead generation right meow, check out the replay of the webinar I did with AppSumo this week. — as the kids say, it was lit. Thanks for coming if you were there! (shameless brag, I got more registrants than James mo’effing Clear, booyah!)

There are so many people who need what you have to offer. 

You got the juice. 

Put your blinders on and focus on what you can control. 

If that’s growing a few tomatoes on your porch, cool. 

If it’s continuing to do your work and shine your light, get it friend. 

If it’s just staying sane and learning how to homeschool, you got this. 

I’m sending you all the high fives. 


If you’re launching something in the near future I recommend checking out the Live Launch Method — it’s basically Jeff Walker style PLF launch but without ANY barriers. 

The video series/trainings are hosted in a live Facebook group where everyone can interact WITH the presenter instead of being stuck on a static landing page and learning in isolation. 

I’m thinking about doing it for my Grow with Quizzes launch so stay tuned and learn more about the method here. (Not an affiliate or anything I just love geeking out on this shiz) 


More fiction! The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave 

“After a storm has killed off all the island’s men, two women in a 1600s Norwegian coastal village struggle to survive against both natural forces and the men who have been sent to rid the community of alleged witchcraft.”

Very good so far. 


My friends who feel stuck right now and are ready to do something different. Cheering all of you on! 

My friends on the front lines working double time.

My friends who make a living speaking or coaching speakers. 

Shout out to the amazing Mike Pacchione who you should totally learn from for your future speaking gigs because they will someday return! 


This livestream recording from Dr. Kelly Brogan is mind blowingly good if you’re dealing with anxiety, fear, and uncertainty right now. 


This Stay Home playlist is pretty funny. For some reason I can’t stop listening to the Book of Love. Good old Peter Gabriel. 

Okay, that’s all for today homeslice. 

Stay healthy, stay grounded, stay well-stocked with ice cream and wine. 

Love you, 
Chanti xx 

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Hey superstar! I’m Chanti. 

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