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Do you ever start writing an email, write 600 words, and then realize the idea you’re trying to communicate needs wayyyyy more space than a single email?

Tell me I’m not alone.

I’ll save Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how to craft your offers around it for another day. Pinky promise. It’ll be an epic blog post instead of a light ‘n breezy Sunday brunch equivalent of an email.

Because THAT is the purpose of the Setlist. To give you a little bit of everything and plenty of refills on your mindset mimosa.

Let’s dig in!


Okay even though I pulled back from my EPIC breakdown of how the hierarchy of needs plays into your offers, I still wanna talk about sales.

Particularly the belief bridge that leads need to cross if you want them to become buyers.

If you don’t know what your audience believes about themselves, their lives, their businesses, their health, their relationships, etc. — and the nuanced micro-areas in those categories that you focus on…

… how the fudge are you supposed to sell a thing?

Even someone selling pit-stick needs to know their audience believes smelling bad is mucho undesirable.

My friend Ry Schwartz, (who you’ll know from Copyschool if you’ve taken it and otherwise probably don’t know because he lays low) has this method called Coaching the Conversion.

And the premise is that the person who starts as a lead needs to go on a belief shifting journey BEFORE they ever become a buyer. (I’m sure he has a much better way of describing that)

They need to believe that:

  1. You are the person who can help them achieve X. You’re the expert. You give a shit. You’re cool and relatable, and at a place where they want to be. (Swap you with your product or brand if you’re not a personality based business)
  1. Your approach (or product) works. It’s proven. It makes logical sense that they need this in their life. They need to believe that it’ll make a positive difference. It’s different from other stuff they’ve seen. The message around it makes them FEEL something.
  1. They need this right NOW. If they think it’s possible to put this off or that it’s not a priority, it’s bye felicia, until they get to a point on their own where the pain of continuing to struggle outweighs the pain of pulling out their credit card.

YOU are the architect of this whole journey. You’re building this bridge. Massive responsibility. I know. I’m sorry.

Building bridges isn’t easy.

Lots of people will tell you it is but it takes work. If you love what you do, it might not feel like work — but it’s still a learning process.

Everything you do, from the moment you’ve got someone’s attention, is a “belief brick”. And in the end, only they can cross the bridge you build for them.

Even if you’ve done everything right — a 5% conversion rate is still considered stellar because people are… complicated.

But building your bridge doesn’t have to be (cue the “just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy” quote).

Start by simply making a giant list of what your ideal client or customer believes. And then talk about their beliefs in your messaging with a mission to change.their.minds.

What I like about quizzes is they give you an opportunity to affirm the positive beliefs your audience holds about themselves.

This reflection builds trust and gives you a pass to start building real intimacy and understanding (because you can ask questions about what they believe and turn to your analytics for real data).

If you’re in the midst of building your bridge, I want you to know you’re doing a great job. I wish I could pour you a celebratory Mimosa myself.

Brick by brick, you will get there.


Untamed by Glennon Doyle. It’s fucking MAGIC. The hype is real. I’ve already cried twice. It’s full of micro-stories that create open loops that eventually come back together in a really masterful way.  


This playlist is great for writing.

This one is great for grooving.


I have 2 great TikTok videos for you — one is funny, one is hella helpful for procrastination, but I’m putting them both here because odds are you’ll watch them and then start scrolling and then start laughing.

My mom got TikTok this week and I quote…

Lol, momz.

Wishing you a good week in a crazy world, Friend.

Big love,
Chanti xx

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