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My favorite show on the planet is Chef’s Table (it’s on Netflix and worth watching the intro bit alone even if you’re not into food shows). 

I told myself I’d do some much needed yin yoga last night but when I saw there was a new BBQ edition of Chef’s Table all dropthatasana plans went out the smoke vent. 

Apart from the visually stunning nature of this show, the storytelling is always masterful. 

Tootsie, an 85-year-old award winning pit master from Texas enchanted me with her 1 am wake-up level commitment to bringing her community together through food. 

Despite winning best BBQ in Texas and people lining up for hours without complaint, Tootsie and her partner only open up on Saturdays. 

Most BBQ joints with that kind of demand would be expanding faster than my waistline if I lived anywhere near Tootsie. 

But most BBQ joints sacrifice quality for growth. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret in today’s mindset nugget… 


Most course creators do too. 

I know because I have literally bought over a hundred online courses. (I’m an insane knowledge collector, you should see my book shelves… )

What peeeeeeeves me more than anything is that you, sweet you who’s reading this probably questions whether you could create a course that’s good enough to represent your brand and truly help others. 

Meanwhile, there are people with very little actual experience cashing in on courses. 

Imposter syndrome is probably the greatest signpost there is for readiness. 

You read that right — if you’re full of doubt you’re likely far more qualified than the over confident complete beginner. 

Behavioral science agrees and all of this can be explained through the Dunning Kruger effect.

I did a mini training recently on how imposter syndrome shows up when you’re thinking about doing something big like creating a course.  Check it out here >>

:musical_note: WHO I’M ROOTING FOR

So many sweet students who’ve gone live with their quizzes this week! 

Speaking of the ol’ inner imposter, Josette’s quiz will help you conquer it on social by hooking you up with a soul-full social strategy >> 

If the collective stress and overwhelm of the planet has you scarfing queso every night and watching food shows when you should be doing yoga, Gaylene’s quiz ‘What’s Your Personal Path to Perfect Path’ might provide just the revelations you need. 

And if you’re a network marketer hiding behind the brand you promote, how about stepping into your own spotlight for exponentially better results. Teresa’s quiz can help. 

:musical_note: QUOTE OF THE WEEK

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit.” 
~ Aristotle 

:musical_note: WHAT I’M LISTENING TO 

The Chef’s Table soundtrack, it’s very calming. Qveen Herby for anytime I need a confidence injection. 

Happy September, friend. Not sure how that happened but…

(@mytherapistsays you guys are the worst/best)

Lolz, kidding boo. We’re on the up and up right?! 

Mad love and wishing you the happiest of months ahead,

Chanti xx 

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