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My baby girl got stung by a wasp this week. 

They’re really bad this year. Fun fact: I’m in the part of the world where the murder hornets live. EEK

Anyway, she didn’t get stung by a murder hornet, thankfully! 

My hubs messaged me about it and I shut my laptop and zipped home (my office is 5 minutes away). 

Her little hand was super swollen and she was SO upset. But after busting out the lavender and a boob to help her calm down, all was well and I thought to myself “it’s the little things like this that make having your own business worth all the late nights and overthinking.” 

But starting a business means going against what society tells you is safe. 

It takes a very small amount of digging to discover that most businesses fail. It’s depressing, really, but most statistics are. 

I guess it all comes down to how you define safety. 

A global poll done by Gallup determined that 85% of people are unsatisfied with their jobs. 

Since the average person spends ⅓ of their life working that feels pretty…uh…DANGEROUS to me. 

Despite what well-meaning friends and family might say, there’s a lot of safety in having your own business (especially one that isn’t brick and mortar because let’s be real, those are a crunchier pickle). 

To me, opportunity = safety. And in the world of online business, there are opportunities everywhere. Almost too many. 

People get distracted and jump from one opportunity to the next like cute little monkeys who come across an abundant tree and frantically grab as many fruits as they can get their hands on, only taking one nibble from each.

When it comes to building a stable business, what if safety is mostly self-determined? 

There are so few things that *really* matter… 

⇒ Mindset and everything that falls under it (attitude, adaptability, willingness to grow, make mistakes, etc.) 

⇒ Having a solution that people want (sounds so simple but sometimes this is tricky) 

⇒ Traffic + leads + sales — okay, admittedly there’s a lot that goes into all 3 of these categories which I won’t get into today but you’re here so you know I talk about them a lot! 

If you have a handle on those things, you’re safe. And if you don’t, that’s okay too because there are infinite opportunities to LEARN. 

And you’ll be able to tend to wasp stings or whatever little things make it all feel worthwhile for you. 

Big things are cool too, like when your mortgage broker emails to tell you a very chill and professional version of…  

“YOU GOT THE FARM SIS!! THE BANKS DEEMED YOU WORTHY. You are officially an adult, congrats, here’s your diploma, have a line of credit while you’re at it! But don’t screw up and not pay your credit cards in full until you’ve got the key in the door because deep down I know you’re still kinda irresponsible. YASSSSSS QUEEN!” 

The so called risky decision of having my own business will all be worth it once y’all see the view I will be waking up to every day (I’ll share pics soon, I promise!)

I am still in utter shock, ! Future retreat is totes happening. 


The main decision that helped me achieve #futurefarmer status was hands down launching my course. It changed everything for me. 

I learned from the best, the buzz woman of the interwebs right now, Amy Porterfield. And this week, I got to interview her! We covered so much and she generously answered soooo many important questions about course creation. 

Catch the replay here and if you’ve got questions after watching, let me know in the comments because I’m doing a Q&A covering all the questions we weren’t able to answer this week in my Audience Accelerator group

:musical_note: WHAT I’M READING 

I was looking for a lighter read after Civilized to Death (amazing book, but a little soul crushing) so I picked up Mrs. Everything by Jennifer Weiner. It’s borderline way too typical chick-lit but it’s easy and just gripping enough to keep me interested. Apparently it’s a super popular book, have you read it?! Send me your easy fiction read recs please!

:musical_note: QUOTE OF THE WEEK

Symphony starts when you walk together, feel the heart beats and understand the unspoken words.
~ Amit Ray

:musical_note: WHAT I’M LISTENING TO 

I’m obsessed with my friend’s friend’s Spotify. My secret hobby is stalking people on here. Send me your username if you’re a playlist collector like moi. 

Okay, wrapping this up fast because Google docs keeps freezing up! I blame Mercury. 

So much love to you on this quiet Sunday. 

Talk soon, 
Chanti xx

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