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How is it the middle of August?! 

Future farm is nearly finalized and I’m already planning to swap my tinfoil hat for one made of 100% organic straw. 

In other news, I’ve stopped being a totally unavailable Facebook group facilitator. The Audience Accelerator is poppin’ now! But I’d be lying if I told you I felt *confident* running a FB group. Mainly because I hate most Facebook groups and want mine to be ~special~. 

Sooo this calls for a little crowdsourcing experiment… 

I would lurrrve to know what you look for in a Facebook group. For me, it’s a lack of spammy spam or hyper-curated content that you know got scheduled to auto-post 2 weeks ago as part of the quarterly content marketing plan. 

Hit reply and tell me if you’re not too busy sinking into your couch or having a cuddle puddle cause, like, what else are Sundays for? (Eating copious amounts of hollandaise that’s what else)


Should you create a course if you’re a busy AF service provider who doesn’t love the spotlight? 


It sure was a game changer for me. The truth is it’s hard to justify carving out the extra time it takes to create a course because it means saying no to other things. Things like money… from clients who desperately want to pay for your help. 

But there are a few things that make it easier and I shared them in a live mini training this week inside of the aforementioned FB group. Check it out here >>> 

^^Psst… it’s not *just* for service providers but really anyone who’s hella busy but has a niggling sense that adding a course to the mix could be a smart move to add to your long game strategy. 


The Four Quadrants of Conformism an essay by Paul Graham — this idea has the makings for a great quiz. Where do you fall in the conformity quadrant? I’m of the fiercely independent variety of hooman. Paul argues that where you land is more about personality than culture but that it’s the conventional minded who make most of the rules in our society #notfair. 

The list of quizzes I’d love to write that have nothing to do with my business is getting a little outta hand. (What do your egg preferences say about you is top of the list) 


My clients over at JRNI Life Coaching who just launched their new quiz ‘Should You Become a Life Coach?’ take it here if you’re curious. 

I never thought about life coaching until I started working with them and seeing behind the scenes of their training process has me convinced that I need to do this. Not because I’m gonna become a life coach (though, maybe? I like life) but because self-inquiry👏 is👏 fun. 

My student Michelle Glogovac launched her quiz this week too and has already doubled her email list ⇒ *not surprised!* 

Interested in podcasting? Why not find out what your celebrity podcasting personality is >>> 

+ If you want to create your own shiny interactive lead magnet, listen to this podcast I recorded with Michelle on just that. 


Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” – Mark Twain (why not stick with the non-conformity theme?!) 


24 HOURS OF SOUUUUUL! Soul good, man by my friend Dawn’s friend Oli who I adore by proxy because of this playlist. 

Hope your week ahead is full of good surprises. 

Lovin’ spoonfuls, 
Chanti xx 

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