Demystifying Email Deliverability and The Processes That Increase Sender Reputation with Matt Brown - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Having deliverability problems with your email campaigns and automated messaging might seem like a mind-numbing pain or even a cruel troll-like riddle, but in Matt’s eyes, these are fundamentally objective problems, which are always the best kind to have. These are the problems that simply need the right plan and appropriately applied process in order to guarantee a productive solution.

Today, we welcome back the amazing conversion copywriter and email deliverability tech guru Matt Brown — a man with a plan that knows exactly how to take any deliverability nightmare and transform it into a functional email system and strategy best suited for the health and growth of a business.  

Tune in and listen to episode 47 of The Entrepreneur’s Ecosystem. Matt has endless insight and wisdom for all of you out there that are actively emailing your audience, using email marketing as a core strategy for driving connections that lead to conversions, and struggling a bit to find the right sending practices for sustaining a healthy email system with seamless deliverability.

In this episode, you will learn:  

Matt’s experience with migrating 90,000 people from Kajabi to Active Campaign (8:56) 

The difference between a deliverability problem vs a placement problem (15:32) 

The 20% of things we can do that lead to 80% of the positive results (24:15) 

The ultimate litmus test for your email list and the importance of list scrubbing (33:25)

Determining the real and accurate open rate (36:22) 

How to find out where your emails are going (50:05) 

Matt’s words of wisdom around deliverability problems (1:02:13) 

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