Tap Into The Freedom and Flexibility of VIP days with Hannah Lipschutz - Chanti Zak - Copywriter & Funnel Strategist

Are you looking to work on your own terms? Or maybe you’re just ready to build your schedule around the lifestyle you’re cultivating for yourself rather than vice versa? Today’s guest has mastered the art of working to live and refusing to live solely for work. She offers VIP days of concentrated assistance in helping her clients produce the most impressive sales copy for their businesses within an accelerated time frame.  

Today, we welcome Hannah Lipschutz, email strategist and conversion copywriter. She currently runs a specialist agency that uses email to expand the revenue growth of e-commerce brands, and she works with freelancers looking to create VIP offers that will provide them with what they want most. 

Tune in and listen to episode forty-six where Hannah explains what a typical VIP offer consists of, how she made that framework her own, and what all freelancers and service providers should know about VIP days. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

What the typical VIP day rate looks like (4:15) 

How Hannah has re-imagined the day rate business model on her own terms (11:21) 

Advice on how to configure your VIP day offer (20:34) 

What freelancers and other service providers should know about VIP offer work (25:45) 

The importance of seeing the value in your time and unique abilities (30:28) 

Hannah’s checklist for accepting a project on a VIP day offer (34:41) 

How VIP days can be an opportunity to work outside of your niche (36:16)

What full research on behalf of a potential client means to Hannah (38:38) 

How Hannah’s VIP day clients have found her (39:45)

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