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The other day I came home from picking up my kid from playschool to find my fiancé standing in the kitchen looking slightly red faced and teary eyed.

Deep bass blended with an oddly familiar voice blasted from the stereo.

Frankly, I was a bit puzzled as to what emotional shenanigans were going on involving trip hop and cleaning the kitchen.

…little did I know Mr. Rogers was at it again stirring up long-held emotional baggage like only a woke childhood icon can.

My soon to be hubs admitted that something about Mr. Rogers made him bawl “ just a little” while he swept the floor. Very sweet guy I’m going to marry, I know.

This event inspired me to check out some Mr. Rogers on YouTube and my 4-year-old and I were quickly engrossed.

Mr. Rogers is a master of persuasion of the most empowering variety.

The kind that lifts you up and makes you feel equal, respected, loved, and believed in— the most powerful kind if you ask me.

In nerdy copywriting circles (kind of like knitting circles only slightly cooler) we talk a lot about the power of writing for ONE reader.

Using the second person narrative or talking to your audience with the use of “you”, “your”, and “you’re” is a commonly held best practice when your goal is for the reader to ultimately take action.

It forces you to assume responsibility for your part in the conversation. (You, yes you!)

It urges you to pay attention.

It creates a dialogue between two people even though thousands of others might be reading the same message.

If I do my job right, that message should feel like it was written just for you. ⇐ This is how I measure my own success as a writer.

When I write a quiz result and people say that it made them cry or it spoke to their soul’s soul, well, that’s my barometer for a job well done. That kind of result might be impossible to quantify, but it matters more than anything else.

If you want to make your audience cry (happy tears only, mmk?) then Mr. Rogers is your new positive psychology sensei.

This man is a master of the art of persuasion dressed up as the innocent host of a children’s show.

Just watch this clip and tell me you don’t feel like Mr. Rogers is confessing his love directly to you:

He impacted the lives of millions of children, but still magically makes you feel like you two are the only ones in the room.

When you know your audience and your area of expertise as well as Mr. Rogers knew and loved children, you can do the same.

You can create that sense of genuine connection that inspires your tribe to trust you. And right now, trust is the biggest commodity there is.

As the online stratosphere balloons with more and more marketers just out to make a quick buck, trust becomes the golden ticket to lasting success (not the hawtest ClickFunnels template or FB ad strategy).

Next time you’re at a loss for how to connect with your audience, take a page out of Mr. Rogers’ book.

Meet your people where they’re at.

Ask them questions.

Tell stories.

Make them feel like they’d wanna have you as their neighbor.

Remember, trust comes before conversions.

????Oh please won’t you be my neighbor?????

Lovin’ spoonfuls,

Chanti xx

P.S. Here’s the mix that made my man leak water.

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