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It’s no secret that there has been a massive shift in the way that humans work which has transformed the world. The old paradigm of working 9-5 in a hierarchical structure within a corporate organization continues to disappear while the new paradigm of autonomy, unlimited abundance, and higher consciousness continues to rise. Today, we’re talking […]

Being Your You-est You with Julie Reisler Ep. 22 We all know what it feels like to experience intuition on some level. You might have felt it as a vague notion, a passing nudge, or maybe you’re even super connected and can use it as a sort of guide. Regardless of how we intuit, few of […]

When you hear the word “entrepreneur,” what do you think? For many of us, it means the ability to work with freedom; we can show up for our kid’s soccer game, telecommute from anywhere in the world, and still be our own boss. But the greatest freedom of all? When and if we decide we […]

When you hear the title “coach,” what do you think? Many people probably feel that they have enough knowledge and know-how to self-direct—and that may be totally true! But the most beautiful things about a coaching relationship? That person can show you exactly where your own blindspots are and offer you guidance and accountability to […]

As copywriters, sometimes it can be easy to forget that our creativity plays such a massive part in our careers. Though there are many more parameters we have to consider and follow, our craft is still honed and defined in the same way as any other type of writing. It’s only when we let our […]

Oftentimes, it can be tempting to push ourselves through an experience just for the gravitas—just to say we’ve been there, done that—without ever creating the space for reflection. But without reflection, we miss the nuance and the learning. And without the nuance, we miss the opportunity to capitalize on our own growth, completely defeating the […]

“Speak your truth.”  That’s a loaded phrase—it means so many different things to different people. But one thing we know for sure? Speaking your truth is a way to align and connect with the relationship to ourselves. It’s the way that we know who we are and how we can uncover our own personal core values. Today, […]

One of the most incredible things about entrepreneurship and learning to do it all for yourself is finding out what you’ve been doing wrong. Yes—you read that right. It may seem like a source of frustration or embarrassment or even shame, but learning to serve others at a deeper level and discovering ways to achieve […]

For many of us, the road to entrepreneurship is a long one. Even if we’re confident in every other area of our lives, we often have a difficult time taking the plunge and having the conviction to set out on our own. One of the biggest things holding us back? The hesitancy to seek help […]

One of the hardest things to do when first starting a business is to narrow down just what, exactly, your hard work and entrepreneurial energy will be going toward. Many of us start out with a million different (great!) ideas, but find it difficult to narrow down our strategy to a specific niche. The key? Simplification. […]

Disclaimer: On this episode, we’re talking about nootropics, herbal supplements, plant medicine — stuff that may affect you differently than it affects us. This is not a substitute for medical advice. Please consult with your own self and your own team of experts that help you determine what is best for your body. Life is […]

One of the hardest things about entrepreneurship can be focusing in on a great idea in a way that makes other people believe in you and your vision. One of the other hardest things? Being able to let go and reconfigure that plan when things aren’t going quite the way you thought they would. At […]


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