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Are you trying to build an empire and change paradigms from a place of stress, anxiety, or fear? Stahhhhhhhhhhp. Easier said than done, I know. Which is why I wanna share a few things that have been helping me stay grounded right now.

Text: The Sunday Setlist Volume 10 Image: Suspension bridge over top of a forest of trees

The premise is that the person who starts as a lead needs to go on a belief shifting journey BEFORE they ever become a buyer. YOU are the architect of this whole journey. You’re building this bridge. Massive responsibility. I know. I’m sorry.

image: all-terrain vehicle driving down a stream
text: picture of woman sitting on a rock overlooking a foggy tree-covered valley
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This is just one more piece of cheese piled onto the pressure sandwich that’s quickly turning into a 6 ft. sub.

What I discovered this week is that heightened sensitivity has to do with an extra-sensitive nervous system, NOT your propensity to weep in a heap on the bathroom floor. 1 in 5 people are highly sensitive, and (if you ask me), it’s a gift.


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